Character Renders

What I’ve Been Working On 6/20/13


This week I have an updated on last weeks What I’m Working On post about some character design sketches I had put together. This week I’ve taken those basic sketches and re-drawn them as black and white line art. I then took the line are and converted it to silhouettes so I could render them out in Photoshop. These images help to show the basic textures of the design and are great for coloring over the top of to help choose colors for finalized designs. Now these are still a long ways off from choosing colors, but they do help you to visualize what they might look like in three dimensions.

Character Renders

5 Layout Character Rendering

I also gave these guys a little bit of a light orange glow to help show how light reflected, and to add in just enough color to break up the shades of grey. Next thing I’ll go is sit down with these and decide which parts of each design I like and what I don’t, what to keep and what to remove, is there one character here or two, or three? After I start to refine those details down I can start looking at colors and physical features.  There is a ton of work that goes into developing deep, rich character and the design of what they will look like plays a major roll in that process.

I don’t get to share much here on the site so I’m especially happy that this piece turned out as well as it did and that you can get a chance to see it. Please let me know what you think of it by commenting below, or replying on Facebook or Twitter.

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