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What I’m Working On – 4/19/12


What I'm working on 4/26/12

This week I finished up the inks on a character sheet that I’ve been working on for a Secret Service type guy. Now how weird of a coincidence that I started on this project about two weeks to the day before the story broke about the Secret Service debacle in Columbia. I actually first herd about the incident while I was finishing up the pencils for this drawing, how weird is that?

Aside from that I’ve been keeping on with the big database project I’m working on and I’ve started going back through my paper portfolio to update it. I’m finishing my last English paper so after next Tuesday I won’t have that clogging up my scheduled anymore at least.

I’m sorry I don’t have more to share or say this week. but as always please feel free to comment.

One more little teaser image.

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