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What I’m Working On – 4/19/12 – Recolored Art


What I'm working on 4/19/12

So this week has been a real bear. My English class is wrapping up so I spent way more time writing my paper then I wanted to. I’ve had a few projects going this week including some data entry stuff that none of you care about. It’s cool, I understand, data entry is super boring.

I also put some work into getting some shwag put together to promote the site. I’m really excited to see them finished and show them off online.

As far as what artwork I’ve been working on, I finished up this re-color of the cover at from Marvel G.I. JOE issue #37 (1985). I loved the action pose with Flint jumping from a mini-tank, suspended from a helicopter, onto a roller coaster track. How cool is that right? But with many of these old covers, the colors we’re limited because of the 1980′ era printing processes. gradients we’re a lot harder to produce back then so you saw lots of solid colors. I wanted to take the old art and really make it pop, because it real is awesome art.

Now I’m pretty new to coloring artwork, and this is the first time I took a full cover and tried to pull the colors out of it. This part was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be especial because to the print dots from the older print processes. This meant that some items retained the shading of the original art and limited me in what i could do with is. You can really see this in the helicopter and on Flint’s boots. Even though that was sort of a mess the actual coloring process went extremely well and I fell like I got a little more out of the image then the original. But I’ll include a comparison shot and let you decide.

As always let me know what you think.

Marvel #37 Comparison



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