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What I’m Working On – 3/8/12 the Robot is finnaly done! YAY!


What I'm working on 3/8/12

Rejoice! The frigging robot is finally done after a month and a half!  Go check out the article here for more information on this piece.

Aside from that wonderful bit of news I have a few other things coming down the pipe this week:

  • I have one other digital art piece that I hoping to have finished up by Tuesday of next week.
  • There is an 11 x 17″ inked page that I should have finished up either tonight or tomorrow (sorry but I wont be posting that one on the public portfolio).
  • I have a few mock-up custom figures that will go along with the inked art project above.
  • I”m still working on an English paper that know one cares about.
  • Tomorrow I’ll be hooking up new internet at home because I finally got so mad at Optimum / Bresnan / Cablevision that I’ve switched to DSL through the phone company.
  • There is a new monthly group project called Repaint Central that I’m thinking about getting in on if my schedule will allow.

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