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What I’m Working On – 3/15/12 No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die! (Pencils)


What I'm working on 3/15/12

This is a partial head turn around (pencils) that I was working on yesterday. I was going for a James Bondish super villain, mutilated and angry. Even though the basic concept came out well the face did not turn out like I had hoped, so I’ll be making some major changes to the face when I ink this in the coming weekend. For one thing he needs to be a lot older, a villain with more experience is always more dangerous then the new guy. To go along with making him older I’m also gonna layer on a few pounds and round out his jaw line a little more. I’d love to finish him up today or tomorrow, but the weather is to nice to sit inside at a drawing table today and besides that, I have to have something for next Thursdays “what I’m working on” post right?

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