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What I’m Working On – 2/23/12


What I'm working on 2/23/12

It’s another Thursday, so it’s time to show/gab a bit about what I’m working on. This weeks projects have a pretty wide array:

  • I’ve been teaching myself how to ink (check the feature pic for this post, and at the bottom of this page). So far it’s coming far it’s coming along pretty well and I’m starting to get the hang of some of the techniques.
  • My battle with the robot continues. I’ve redesigned the feet twice but I’m satisfied with the latest version (but i may need to make them bigger). I’ve started adding details and the remaining shading on the body. The only issue is that I’m down to 300 dpi and I’m about at the far end of what my process or will take.
  • I started over on this sucker because even though I like the design, I hated a lot about the pose in this piece and just it’s quality over all. I’ve done some 3d modeling for a pose and transferred it to 11×17.
  • I’ve been adding things to the Joecustoms.com wiki this week as part of customs celebration 6.
  • I have to start yet another paper for an English class (sigh).
  • I did some training today for a  new database I’ll be helping out with on one of the G.I. Joe sites.
  • And to top it all off, now that I’ve reached 9 of 10 prestiges on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward has gone and added 5 more levels with the promise of 5 more coming in the future.

As always please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

What I'm working on 2/23/12, sorry thats all you get for now.

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