Transformers the Movie Comic Cover Art

Transformers the Movie Comic Cover Art

Transformers the Movie Comic Cover Art

Comic book cover for the Transformers animated movie based on Marvel Comic’s G.I. JOE #1.

This piece is is a Homage to a few of my favorite toy lines biggest moments. It’s a comic cover based on 1986’s Transformers the Movie. It depicts the Battle for Autobot City that occurs about 15-20 minutes into the film and features the all new line up of Autobots that were introduced as part of the movie (Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Arcee, Springer, and Blurr).

The layout of the art is Based on Marvel Comic’s G.I. Joe #1 from 1982. As some of you know I have a slight obsession with the cover of G.I. Joe #1. It’s one of the most iconic comic covers ever drawn and I’m always looking for a new way to take that layout and insert other characters into it.

I’m please with how this one turned out. It allowed me to keep in practice with a couple of skills including sketching, inking, coloring, and working with typography, all in the same project. I think the colors came out vibrant and hit the feel I was going for. You can’t really see it in the web version, but in the hi-res version I replicated the color dots used in vintage comic printing.

I started this piece about 4 months ago and got all the line work done and ready to go around the first of the year. Then I got a huge rush of work in and didn’t get to start the coloring process until three months had passed. Once I got to coloring on it I really just wanted to push though and finish it up. Those kinds of projects that drag on can burn you out so I wanted to get this one off my plate before I got to that point with it.

Below you can also check out and in-progress shot when i was about half way through the inking process. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

In-Progress Image

In- Progress Image

Detailed Image

Detailed close up of Optimus Prime to show the coloring effects.

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    Great! Glad to see you finished this. It’s absolutely great!

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