Digital Mock-up for Generations style Rescue Bots figures.

Transformers Generations Style Rescue Bots Mock-Up

Digital Mock-up for Generations style Rescue Bots figures.

Digital Mock-up for Generations style Rescue Bots figures.

This is a piece I put together to emulate some of my professional work for my portfolio. It’s a digital mock up of a product. For this particular item I chose to do a Transformers 4-Pack based on the series Transformers Rescue Bots. This series is aimed at young children so I wanted to present the characters how they might look in the more collectors driven Transformers Generations line. My plan was to present the four main robot characters as part of a retailer exclusive. As part of the retailer exclusive theme I chose to only have new heads tooled and I kept the entire set at under 170 paint applications. I shot for a suggested retail of $49.99 (I have no idea if this is reasonable from a production stand point, but it seemed right from a purchasing standpoint).

I reused figures from the last 4 years that I thought represent the characters the best and kept a sense of scale with each other. Chase Blades, and Boulder are about the same size and heat wave is a little larger. I intentionally avoided figures from any of the movie based lines, because the ascetic wasn’t right for what I was going for.

The heads were all from different rescue bots products. If this were something I was working on for a client I would do all new input drawings for the heads. But since that wasn’t the goal of this project I just used stand-ins.

This was a fun project, I like working with bright colors that pop, and it’s always fun to take characters and present them in a different style. Everything on these was done in Photoshop with the exception of the logos/tampos, they were done if Adobe Illustrator. The base photos all came from official product images or


This figure is based on the Generations Scoop tooling with the new head. I know the alt mode/bot mode aren’t quite right, but I like this mold, and he’s the right height with the rest of the crew. I intentionally avoided using any tooling from the Combiner Wars Devistator, since i have no idea if each figure is tooled separately or not.


I know some people don’t love that Solar Storm Grapple figure for a fire truck. But, I really wanted to have the white ladder represented. That’s why I went with this mold over the Inferno version. He’s got a new head and a nifty fire department tampo on the side. The black parts from the figure I started with on this were a nightmare to try and make silver. Items that are too dark or too light always wash out.


Chase is based on the Generations Goldbug/Bumblebee/Nightbeat tooling with a new head. I had originally intended to add bar lights for Chase, but I decided eventually that that wouldn’t be possible given the tooling/deco restrictions I had set. And I wanted to stay true to those.


There are surprisingly few deluxe size TF helicopters from the past few years. And none of them have pontoons on the bottom. I went with the newest version of the Alpha Bravo tooling from Victorion (Skyburst or Stormclash), with the new arms with stabilizers in place of misses.


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