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The Scarab


The Scarab

This is a page of colored comic art that I put together to show what I’m capable of when it comes to coloring inked artwork. I would have liked to do something new, but I really wanted this to be about my coloring and not my drawing or inking so I choose to use someone else art. The problem there is that I didn’t have any art that I had permission to use. Luckily I found a book on digital coloring that I bought a few years ago and it had some tutorial files to play with including, inked artwork. It also had some cool images to use for shine effects so I went ahead and used those too.

This art was done by David Bryant, and was included in the book Master Digital Color by Brian & Kristy Miller of Hi*Fi. I’m not familiar with the character and i wanted to do something different then what was done in the book, so I changed the color of his costume and replace the Egyptian scarab beetle with an awesome Journey album cover scarab. When I went to  upload the fie I realized that I should have made the gold globes into planets, that would have been awesome. I may go back and re do that part later but for know here it is with gold orbs.

Let me know what you think.

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