Something serious to think about in 2015.


I try to keep everything on this site pretty light and toy/art related in someway. That’s what it’s here for. That being said I’d like to mention something serious here to start out the new year, but I promise I’ll get back to the fun stuff as soon as I can.

Last year my friend John was diagnosed with cancer. Now I’m not that concerned because John is tough and he’s going to be just fine. In keeping with that he’s started a daily blog about his experiences. Because not only is he going to beat it, he wants a detailed record of the can of whoop ass he’s opening up for cancer. I’d like to take a moment to share it with you. Maybe you can learn something from it, maybe your in the same boat and it can help you to see the ways other deal with it. Whatever the circumstances might be, it maybe helpful to you, and for him.

So head over and check out:

Now back to toy and robots and dinosaurs and what not.

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