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It’s the number one selling media release in history. It grossed $775 million dollars in it’s first three days on the market. What can I possibly say about this game that has not already been said? Well nothing but I’m gonna put down a few of my thoughts anyway for the 16 people out there that did not buy the game for Xbox or PS3.

Now I’m mostly a multi-player guy, so I’m gonna run down the boring single player stuff first. The single player campaign has been criticized for being to formulaic and too repetitive. While both are legitimate gripes, I actually think the story for this game is the best of all three of the Modern Warfare titles. It’s big, the action is so over the top it’s almost funny, and everything is exploding. It’s like being in a Michael Bay movie, and I love Michael Bay movies!

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I’m not going to go into many details about single player because I don’t want to spoil anything. You play missions as U.S. Army Delta operators, British SAS commandos, Task Force 141 members, and Russian Secret Service and kill various shades of bad guys in exotic locals around the world. There are more guns and kick ass vehicle weapons in the game then you can shake a stick at. But my favorite part is where the Eiffel Tower gets knocked down almost frame for frame like in G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra. If you’ve spent any time at all on my site then you know I’m a huge G.I. Joe fan so that part was extra cool. That’s all the details you get.

Now on to the multi-player. I started playing Rainbow Six 3 on the Xbox back in 2003, and that was the title that my friends and I were all about. But then after Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Ubisoft kinda let the franchise stagnate. In the interim we started playing Call of Duty and we’re playing it religiously as we ever did Rainbow. COD:MW3 brings back all the wonderful things about MW2’s multilayer, and cranks them up about 5 notches. There are still lots of great game types, and challenges to unlock. But the already robust create a class has been beefed up even more.

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It use to be you chose primary and secondary weapons, some attachments, grenades and equipment, one perk from each of three categories, three killstreaks, and a death streak. That’s only 13 things and there were literally thousands of options. Now you get all of that, plus weapons proficiency for each gun, and instead of killstreaks you pick strike packages, which are one of three packages with different modifiers for each class that contain kill streaks. Or if you chose a specialist strike package it gives you more perks. I spent the first two days the game was out just trying to figure out what did what. I’m not sure of the actual number but I’m gonna say there are a billion and six class combinations on MW3.

But I’m past that now and ranked in the top .1% of Team Deathmatch players on Xbox live (I have to mention that because I won’t be that high for much longer so I have to gloat now). The game offers what feels like upgrades physics from MW2, and the shooting mechanics feel great. The maps are all a little small, with very few offering good long distance shooting opportunities. Overall it’s got that great blend of easy to pick up but hard to master that hooks the hardcore gaming types and I’ve totally fallen for it.

The added integration with Call of Duty: Elite gives me that awesome stat whore fix that I have not had since Battlefield 2 on the PC. It will tell you every statistic about your play style you never even thought to keep track of. It will also keep track of your progression, and your matches to help you improve your tactics and play style.

To sum it up, if you have an Xbox, you should have this game.

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