G.I. Joe Sky Patrol Head Input Drawings
Generations Style Rescue Bots
Condormaqn Reboot Movie Poster
MCU Marvel Legends Daredevil
WWII Captain America Sketch
Loki - Iron Trickster Illustration
Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.
Transformers the Movie Comic Cover
G.I. Joe IDW #1 Cover - Recolored - Python Patrol
The Robot and I
The Transforming Robot
My Portfolio

Welcome to the new and improved TROYMcKIE.com. Please feel free to check out my portfolio with a sampling of my work.

Atkins CCcustom Featured



I won the Cobra Commander customs figure contest over at Robert Atkins’ art blog! Check it out at this link: http://robertatkinsart.blogspot.com/2012/02/cobra-commander-contestwinner.html?spref=fb I want to take some time here to tank everyone who voted for me, especially those who plugged my entry and drummed up votes for me. You guys are the best! Big thanks to Generalsjoes.com and TNI.com. An extra …

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Turnaround Sheet

What I’m Working On – 2/9/12 the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


I’m working on all kinds of things this week, but three major projects stick out: The Good: The character turn around sheet you see above. It’s coming along great so far and I’m super stoked about it. Right now I’m just starting to do some finished work on the pencils, but I have about an hours more work into it …

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Atkins CC Featured

Voting Time!


Hey everybody, voting is up for the Cobra Commander custom contest over at http://robertatkinsart.blogspot.com/ . My custom is entry C so if you haven’t already head over there and vote!

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Tran WIP 3 Featured

What I’m Working On – 2/2/12 Yet More Robot


This project is going a hole lot slower then I had planned. As you can see I jumped straight to texturing even though I’m not done with the flats yet. I love the way it’s turning out so far, especially the tiers, but the feet are all wrong. I’m going to have to give some thought as to how to …

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Tran WIP 2 Featured

What I’m Working On – 1/26/12 More of that Robot


I’ve been busy with my day job this week so I have not made as much of a dent in the robot project from last week as I wanted to. But I’ve got about 75% of the flats done, and I’ve begun some really basic shading with no textureing yet. Let me know what you think.

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My New Toys


I haven’t had a chance to show off my new laptop yet, so I though I’d take my opportunity to do it now. It’s a custom made Sager laptop that I had assembled by xoticpc in Lincoln Nebraska. The laptop came out just the way I wanted and is substantial faster then my last rig. It’s got 16 gig of …

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