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Loki, Iron Trickster – Digital Illustration


Lokie-Armor_forwebThis is some digital line art I put together of Loki from Marvel comic wearing a Tesseract powered Ironman exo-suit. Because why not that would be awesome?

I created the image in Adobe Photoshop and over the course of a couple of days in my free time. I’ve decided that I really prefer working digital with this kind of line art, especially when I need to ink any kind of shading. My hands just are not steady enough to do it with an ink well pen on paper. Plus when I screw up on the computer I can just hit undo and I don’t feel like I’ve ruined the whole thing.

I have not colored this piece yet, and I think i would rather see what someone else can do with it. I know when I was learning to color it was a lot harder to find good line art then I thought it should be. That being said I’m willing to offer up a hi-res (11×17″ & 300 dpi) version of this art to anyone that once to give it a try. Just use the contact page on this site to email me. I’m very interested to see how different people might work with it!

Please let me know what you think of this piece in the comments section below.

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