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Linkin Park Iridescent Submission


Linkin Park Iridescent Submission

This was my color submission for the Linkin Park Iridescent / Transformers: Dark of the Moon cover contest hosed by deviantart.com in the summer of 2011. I put this together in a little over a week using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Even though it didn’t come out exactly like I liked, it was a great learning tool. I tried out a number of new techniques that I’ve been able to expand on in the time since. I’m also proud of this piece because I only used 6 brushes, and did almost the entire project using only a mouse, I used a Wacom Bamboo for just a little bit of shading right at the end. The image feature a Transformer like robot looking over a ruined city, this was  reference to the cataclysm in the song Iridescent. The robots head is designed to look like he’s wearing headphones, and the  line of the helmet over the face was supposed to be similar to the hair line on Linkin Parks lead singer. The requirement for the contest were that the image needed to be a .jpg of 1200 x 1200 size, and it need to include at least one image from an accompany marketing pack (I included three: The linkin Park text, TF3 logo, and the Linkin Park “Glitched” logo, which I incorporated into the  robots headphones).



Here you can see how the robot went from hand-drawn line art to digital work-up and finally a more polished and textured finished digital piece. You’ll notice that  the mouth section on the robot completely changed between the work-up and final layout. I just though the lower face had too many curves and looked too human for this particular robot.

I also played around with a black and white version of the finished piece to see if I couldn’t get a better lighting effect from the background.  I though it looked pretty cool so I submitted it also:

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