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Some of you may know that Larry Hama had a cameo appearance in the movie G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra as a NATO General. The minute I saw the first video of in on-line I knew I had to have a figure based on it.

For those of you who don’t know who Larry Hama is, he’s a comic book writer/editor/ artist, who for the better part of the 1980’s and 90’s wrote not only the G.I. Joe comic books for Marvel comics, but also wrote all of the characters bio cards for the Hasbro toy line. In fact the filecards were based originally on psychological write ups Larry had done on the characters, but the guys at Hasbro liked them so much that they put them on the cardbacks. This was really the first time this had been done on a toy line and it quickly became industry standard.

But any way Larry had a very short cameo in the 2009 movie that was mostly left on the cutting room floor, which is a shame.  I really wanted to do something special with this figure so I decided to go all out with custom packaging and do a limited run of five figures. The body was all made of preexisting parts, the jacket and head were modified pretty heavily and then recast by a friend of mine.  The metal tin that I used for packaging came from Rise of Cobra boxer shorts, and the foam insert was cut to fit them and the figure.

Look at all the ribbons

The cool thing about the figure is that I check the shots of Larry in costume against US service medals to make sure I had the correct ribbons in the right order.

Like I said, I was planning on making five of these, but unfortunately I only got enough casts back to make four so far. But I took all five tins with me to the Official G.I. Joe collectors Convention 2010 in Providence, RI. Larry was there and when I gave him his figure he was nice enough to sign the other four tins for me, because he’s super cool like that. I gave the first figure to Larry and the next three to some of my buddies.

All and all I’m really happy about how these figures came out, but I’ve learned enough over the fallowing years that I think I’d like to go back and try it again. Plus since I was one short on parts, I’ve got a tin with no figure I’ve got to fill.

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