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Kickstarter Pledge Reward: X-Men Tusk

X-Men Tusk Commission

X-Men Tusk Commission

Today I’m going to show off a commission piece I did as a reward for my Kickstarter campaign last year. This reward was for my buddy Gary who donated enough for an 11 x 17″ digital piece of custom art. Now Gary played coy when it came time to pick the subject of his reward so I asked a few mutual friends for some input on what he might like, and they all pointed me in the direction of some obscure X-Men characters from the 1990’s.

Of the list they gave me I though the villain Tusk would be the most interesting to draw because of his powers. Tusk’s mutant ability is that he has these little bits that pop off of his back and  grow into mini-clones that can attack his enemies. It’s weird for sure, but visually I though it would be interesting to show his little mini-army on the attack. In the end I wound up with Tusk and six of his minions.

I wanted to make the clones seem really frantic and destructive to give them a feeling that they could overwhelm much larger opponents. I reinforced that idea by making it look like the two in the foreground we’re crawling out of the art through the boarder. I finished the piece off with a new logo set behind the main character.

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