Joecon is coming, WOJM is awesome and I like pie.


If you’ve been watching this site then you know I have not been updating much the last few weeks. I have had a tone of stuff going on getting ready for Joecon (getting things ready to go, inventorying my collection, finding a house sitter, and on and on).  In addition to getting myself ready to go I’ve been getting things caught up at my day job for my absence. I’ve also been finishing up a logo and branding package for a local client. I apologize for the sparse posts and I promise that after my life gets back to normal after Joecon I will be more regular.

Anyone who listened to the new Whats on Joe Mind Podcast this week heard a shout out about the site. I’d like to give a big thanks to Gery, Justin, and all the guys on WOJM for the plug. They even called me a friend of the show. How many shows are you friends with? Not very many I’d bet. Seriously though if you get a chance and are into G.I. Joe head over to and give WOJM a listen.

Also I like pie, but since there was no pie I had to settle for the three new faceoff maps that Infinity Ward added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this week. All of which we’re great, and aside from having to listen to unusually profane 8 year-olds and overly sensitive gamers who cry about camping they were a lot of fun.

That,s whats going on with me this week, but maybe in a few weeks I’ll add something substantial.

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