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I won the Cobra Commander customs figure contest over at Robert Atkins’ art blog! Check it out at this link:

I want to take some time here to tank everyone who voted for me, especially those who plugged my entry and drummed up votes for me. You guys are the best! Big thanks to and

An extra special thanks to Robert Atkins for hosting and running the contest.  This was a great idea and was so much fun to work on. I know it drove a lot of extra traffic to his blog, a lot to, and I had a big bump here. That’s just good for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. Everyone went all out and really stepped their game up on this one and it shines though in all of the entries.

For anyone who is wondering, I decided to take the piece of commissioned art as my prize, but big props to 4 Corner Concepts for donating that awesome display for the contest.

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