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Glenda Colored Sketch


Glenda Colored Sketch

As some of you know I’ve been looking for inked artwork to practice coloring on, and while I was going through some G.I. Joe art that I had picked up over the years I found a few pieces that I decided would suet my purposes perfectly. Over the years at Joecon, various artist have come to sell art and they typically do quick commission sketches upon request. For years Tim Seeley did this and it was always a high point of the show for me. Like wise the last few years Robert Atkins has been in attendance and has done on the spot sketches as well. Last year at the con in Orlando he was nice enough to do one for me of the Argentinian character Glenda. Well I found it along with some inked pages from some of the Devils Due run of that I had. Interestingly enough when I went back an looked, Tim did the pencils on those pages and Robert was the inker, talk about a small world. (They are from the Special Mission:Tokyo one shot)

Like I said, this particular piece is one that I asked him to do at Joecon 2011. He was unfamiliar with the character, which is not odd because she is a pretty obscure character from South America. But I happen to have one of her figures with me and he was willing to give it a shot anyways. I think he did an outstanding job on the art, even with the super quick nature of show commission/sketch work. He did a great job of conveying that her body armor/leotard is chrome and should be super shiny.

Since I own the art I figured I was clear to go ahead and work on my coloring with it. I kept the color gradients on her flight suit nice and subtle, not just because it’s a light color but because I wanted her to have a softer more feminine shape to her. This is very different from the stark contrast of light and dark in her body armor. This particular art was super easy to work with and already conveyed so much of the shading. I added a White and Light blue gradient to mimic the Argentine flag and even added the the sun from the flag to the corner of the art to break up the unused space.

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out and I’m really starting to enjoy coloring now that I’m getting into it. I can defiantly see myself improving and it becoming one of my strong points in art. But what do you think? Feel free to post something and let me know.

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