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G.I. Joe Agent Helix Custom


Rise of Cobra style Agent Heli

This is a custom G.I. Joe Agent Helix figure that I repainted to match the standard Joe camo from the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra motion picture (2009). The figure has no modifications, just a new coat of paint to make her fit in better with some of the other figures in the line.

In the film the G.I. Joe team had a standard blue camo that almost everyone on the team wore and many of the action figures for the line had fatigues of some kind with that pattern. Agent Helix was created by Double Helix Studios (a developer for Electronic Arts) for the Rise of Cobra video game. But she had a bright yellow, gray, and black color scheme so she never blended in well with the other figures from the movie toy line.

This figure is a straight repaint of a standard Helix figure, even the weapons are from the original figure and totally unmodified. I painted over the yellow parts of her shirt as well as her black pants. The camo pattern matches the figures (not the actual camo of the movie), and is a light blue, with a blue gray, and darker purple-blue over the top of it. I managed to paint around all the web-gear and the patch on her arm without making too much of a mess.

When I was all done I went back and recolored the artwork from the original cardback to make a custom one for this figure. This was a pretty simple and straight forward custom that came out better than I could have hoped for. And the added packaging make it feel like a complete idea, not just a one off idea.



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