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Condorman Poster Art

Condorman Reboot Poster Art

Here is one from the WITNAT (why is this not a thing) file. Why have Disney and Marvel not made Condorman part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I don’t know. So for this project I decided to throw together what a new Condorman movie might look like. i wanted to work on doing a composition similar to the other MCU posters and to work on my digital coloring. I took the poses for Harry and Natalia from other marvel posters, and Krokov¬† and Morovich from the original Condorman poster art. Woody is the only one I drew the pose from scratch for, but I actually drew the whole body, even the parts I didn’t think I’d use. I also drew over images of the actors faces to save time and get the looks right.

For the title roll I chose Alan Tudyk (Firefly), because I’ve enjoyed him in everything I’ve seen him in, and I think he can hit the sweet spot for the lovable looser that you need for Woody/Condorman. Plus I intentionally want someone smaller or more average in perpetration to fit in in the MCU. I went with Jared Harris (Lincoln) for the main villain Krokov. He was a fantastic Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes. Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royal) as Marovich, because he was such a great Bond villain and Chris Parnell (Archer) as Harry because it’s the closest I’ll ever get to a live action Cyril Figgis. Natalia was much harder to pin down, and I’ll admit I had a hard time thinking of actresses that fit what I was looking for, who at the same time were not already playing major parts in the MCU. My friend john suggested Anya Monzikova (Iron Man 2) not only because she met the casting requirements, but she’s really from Russia and speaks Russian. He said she helped Scarlett Johansson out with her Russian lines in IM2 to boot.

The Cars, on the other hand I had an easy time of matching up. Morovich and his crack KGB kill squad upgrade to Porche 911 GT3 RS models and the Condormobile (did it have a name?) comes as a modified 2016 Ford GT (it’s even got wings kinda).

After I had all the parts I arranged them together to fit the MCU mold, built a more modern logo and added some fake credits at the bottom. I practiced using Hi-Fi’s (Brian Miller) coloring technique for coloring people. And I should plug that he has a new second edition of his book Hi-Fi Color for Comics out if you want to learn more about digital coloring. I have the first edition of his book and most of what i know about coloring I learned from it.

Anyways. As always Thanks for looking and let me know what you think in the comments below or fallow my professional page on Facebook at:


Condorman Art

Sketch and Digital Inks for Condorman/Woody Wilkins.

  1. Scott

    Condorman is one of my favorite Disney films and I have often wondered why this character or a new film has not been in the works, although maybe we don’t need a remake with how Hollywood has ran out of ideas and had to for the last few years make remake on top of remake just to make a dollar.

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