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Blast from the Past – 7/19/12 – M.A.S.K. Sprite Edits

M.A.S.K. Sprite Edits

M.A.S.K. Sprite Edits

Okay so I’m gonna try something a little different this week. Instead of sharing what I’m currently working on, I’m gonna show you something that I did a long time ago so you can see some of where I came from. Today I’m going to be showing some M.A.S.K. Sprite Edits that I created back between 2005-2007. They we’re originally made to be used for user avatars/graphics for a website I planed to build but never quite got it up and going. After that I went ahead and shared them with the M.A.S.K. community because they we’re just too cool to keep to myself.

They we’re made using mostly sprite rips from Street Fighter games and they retain the “Capcom” style a a result. T-bob was the only character I made 100% from scratch, but he may have come out the best of all of them. I made over a hundred of these, almost every version of every character with and without their masks, as well as some custom versions. These we’re build at .gif s so that you could swap out the pallet just like on those old scroller games and do new versions of characters.

As all ways, please let me know what you think!

  1. Ben Thomas
    Ben Thomas07-19-2012

    Awesome work, my evil twin!

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