About Me

Primarily known for toy design, I have pursued a lifelong passion in drawing, model building, and digital art.

My career started professionally in the field of architectural illustration, then on to memorial design, and a turn after that into administration for on-line courses and learning environment management at the community college level, before stumbling into freelance toy design. I holds an A.A.S. in Engineering Technology with an emphasis in CAD drafting. This background has given me experience with precision working drawings, graphic design, and product mock-ups.

As a hobbyist I’ve been an avid collector of action figures and comic books my entire life. As an adult I’ve taken my hobbies to another level, creating my own figures and artwork and sharing them with the online collecting community (places like Joecustoms.com, Joedeclassified.com, and Joeintel.com).

I have experience with a wide range of projects from product design, to logo design to map making, to photo manipulation, to video editing.

Past employers/clients include Fortune 500 companies, design firms, manufactures, two year colleges, internet entrepreneurs, on-line community sites, event organizers, other artists, and commission work for individual customers.

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