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G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center Concept.

G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center Concept **UPDATED 4/25/17**


**Updated with Cut-away view. ** For this project I wanted to re-imagine the G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center with a more practical/modern design. Guy Cassaday designed the original MCC and it was released as part of the 1987 series of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero. It actually has a bunch of really cool play features. It has a maintenance …

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Digital Mock-up for Generations style Rescue Bots figures.

Transformers Generations Style Rescue Bots Mock-Up


This is a piece I put together to emulate some of my professional work for my portfolio. It’s a digital mock up of a product. For this particular item I chose to do a Transformers 4-Pack based on the series Transformers Rescue Bots. This series is aimed at young children so I wanted to present the characters how they might …

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