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1987 Style G.I. Joe Kre-os

1987 style Kre-o disaply

G.I. Joe #1 homage Ker-o display

So over the past week or so I’ve started working with the new G.I. Joe brand Kre-o construction sets by Hasbro. Kre-o is basically

Hasbro’s version of Lego, and Lego Joes are something I’ve wanted since I was a small child. I’ve picked up multiples of all the new Joe sets and I started in on trying to create some of my favorite characters from existing parts. This bunch started with Lt. Falcon from 1987 and just kind of spiraled out of control from there.

First up I have this display pictured on the right. It’s some of the 1987 character posed on a Persuader Tank in the same layout as the cover of G.I. Joe #1 by Marvel Comics back in 1982. This cover is probably the most iconic G.I. Joe¬† image ever, but more so it’s one of the best comic book covers ever produced as well. It’s a great cover for an ensemble cast and I thought it would be cool to try these characters out it in that look.

The characters included are Falcon, Outback, Tunnel Rat, Jinx, Law, Backstop, and Fast Draw. I should not here that Jinx and Law are unmodified as they are available as in Kre-o construction sets. The other characters I assembled from various G.I. Joe, Battleship, and Transformers Kreons.

1987 G.I. Joe Kreons

1987 style Kreons.

These figures were a lot of fun to piece together, but I’m still not 100% happy with them, and I’ll go back and refine them as better more accurate parts become available. I also wanted to make sure that the only photoshoping I did to the pictures was to add Falcon jumping through the air in the group shot. Aside from that I have done none of the color mock-up changes that I would normally do (I.E.: make outbacks hair read, fix Tunnel Rats bandana.).

For the figures to stand on I chose the standard tank from 1987, the Persuader with Backstop. Now the Backstop isn’t much to look at, but the tank came out better then I had expected. The Persuader is built strong like an actual Kre-o set with lots of structural construction on the inside. If you were to drop it, some pieces would come off, but the bulk of it would still hold up nicely. You might say it’s built like a tank… if your liked puns.

Persuader Tank made from Kre-os

Kre-o Persuader

The Persuader is mostly built out of Dragonfly XH-1 parts with elements from at least one Transformers set. Again I didn’t want to Photoshop this picture, because I wanted people to see what you can really make out of these sets. I’m really hoping that Kre-o takes off in the G.I. Joe community and we see more scratch built items like these. From everything I’ve seen i think we may be moving that way because the Joe Kre-os and Kreon blind pull packs seem to be selling like hot cakes.

Let me know what you think of them by leaving a comment, and if you’ve made any cool Joe related Kre-o items feel free to post a link.

  1. steve

    nice work, hopefully i can build some of these myself when i have free time (night raven, rattler, skystriker). i look forward to someone making a terror drome, defiant, uss flagg…

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